COVID - 19 Masks

We have two companies that produce masks & gowns

What "HTT" Head To Toe Offers in Masks

Flyers for Protective Masks

Neck Gaiters 


Examples of HTT Protective Masks: (click on the links below)


Gowns and Medical Mask





What Omni Offers in Masks

To place an order contact:

Precau Video

  1. You can request samples
  2. Masks are being shipped directly from the Kansas City warehouse.
  3. Reusable for up to 20 washings durability
  4. Style M2001
  5. Mfg in Thailand

Additional Mask insert information

On the inside of the mask, it has a place for an additional filter insert.  The insert that can be added is called PM2.5 filter.  The PM (particle mask is taking dust particles and pollutants out.  It would be similar to a hepa system used in vacumes.  Germs, however, can be as small as .025 and enter through your eyes. Therefore we call this mask a "General Purpose Mask" The key feature to this mask is the DWR finish on the poly fabric which prohibits moisture from entering or exiting.

Inserts can be purchased separately at

Link to PM2.5 inserts


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